30 Days & 30 Nights at Sea


30 Days & 30 Nights at Sea is a choose-your-own-adventure music experience. Corbin wrote and recorded one song a day for 30 days, each telling the story of The Face Reader and his journey on the Armageddon in 1779.

The following are 10 songs from the first of three acts. Act 2 and Act 3 will be posted shortly.

Chapter 1: Bon Voyage

Chapter 2: The Wake Breaks Swiftly

Chapter 3: White & Black Lies


Chapter 4: Angelic Visitations


Chapter 5: Dark Promotions


Chapter 6: Purpose In The Grain


Chapter 7: Monsters Above & Beneath

Chapter 8: Any Port In The Storm


Chapter 9: The Siren’s Song


Chapter 10: Choose Your Own Adventure